Our Mission

To provide faith-based support and advocacy to the many people that are plagued with infertility and reproductive health challenges while bringing awareness in an empowering way to those around them. Through curating safe spaces of community, producing wellness and fertility resource connections and amplifying the voices of those suffering in pain we are able to help find healing solutions, ignite joy and help harvest fruitfulness of mind, body and spirit.


You are fruitful.


You are worthy of a better quality of life.


You are capable of healing.


You are not alone.

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Visit our shop of uplifting apparel, curated care packages and other gifts. Remind yourself or someone you love that you are indeed fruitful. You were chosen for this journey by God so that He might produce fruit through you.

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Meet Diona Nicole, the Founder

Diona is an infertility warrior and advocate for others suffering with infertility and reproductive health challenges. She created Barren Fruit during the depths of her own pain and struggle with infertility and conditions like endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, and a damaged fallopian tube. Before she was blessed with a child, against all odds, the seed was planted in her heart to help others, especially other women- find their inner peace, hope and joy.

"I look forward to your events annually. The way you love on your community is beautiful."

Nakea M.
Philadelphia, PA

“Excellent info and encouragement.”

Godis Shanti A. S.
Philadelphia, PA

“Barren Fruit is a safe space of fellowship, community, sisterhood, and tribe bonding who provides medical and holistic resources with a great network of local vendors. They lend a voice to women who think they do not have one in the realm of reproductive health and wellness.”

Sarah G.
Atlanta, GA

Your voice matters.

We want to advocate with you. Whether you are having problematic menstrual cycles, suffering from endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc or, having difficulty conceiving let's unite. You do not have to suffer in pain and silence. Love yourself enough to speak up, talk to the right experts and learn your options. You are your biggest advocate.

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